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Best Products

Over the years I have wasted money on products that looked good but turned out to be lousy. Here are some of the products I've found that actually do the job I need them to do. Some are a little more expensive, but they are well worth it. I am not paid by these products, these are just my personal recommendations after using the items listed below.

Hook and loop carpet stay

SlipTo Grip brand Hook and Loop Premium L Shape Rug Gripper

Easy Lift Your Rugs and Press Down - Strong Renewable Adhesive Tape - 4 Corners Anti Slip Rug Corners Tape for Hardwood Floors, Carpet and Tiles. This is the first rug gripper I've found in over 40 years that actually keeps rugs from slipping. Nothing else has even come close. I found mine on Amazon.

vertical spice rack

Vertical Spice Racks

They claim to be the perfect spice rack and I agree. I've tried nearly every kind on the market and these do the job elegantly and efficiently. I even bought one of the larger units for another storage area. They are pricey, but it is money well spent.

Probond Advanced Glue

Elmer's® Pro Bond Advanced® Multi-Surface Glue

A strong, safe multi-surface glue. This professional glue bonds metal, glass, ceramics, stone, wood and concrete. Also bonds porous and semi-porous materials such as paper, cloth, wood, pottery, etc. and porous to many non-porous surfaces.

Professional multi-surface bond
No foam, less mess, non-toxic
100% weatherproof
Use a damp cloth before the glue dries for easy cleanup

Love this, it's now my go to glue. I've fixed magnetic pen holders, art projects and more.

O2 Battery  Fan

O2COOL's 10 in. portable fan

I came across this a few years ago when I needed some way to cool off during summer power outages. Now that we have a generator, I still use it for outdoor activities. This is a powerful fan, not one of those wimpy ones and it really does run for hours. It can run on high or low speeds with a battery that runs up to 43-hours (low) or 24-hours (high).

Plug-in with the AC adapter (included) or use 6-D cell batteries (not included)
Powerful 2 speed 10 in. blade
Compact design - Built in handle

Intek Inflatable hot tub

Intex PureSpa Plus Bubble Massage Inflatable Spa Model 28409E

When the pandemic started, my 3 times a week visits to the fitness center to use the hot tub to help manage my lupus came to an abrupt end when they shutdown the fitness centers in NC. After a couple of months without a hot tub, my joints were screaming, so I started looking for a solution. This Intek Inflatable Hot Tub was just what I needed! I got the 6 person size to allow me to do my stretching exercises.

I got mine from Amazon and I've been very happy with it. I have to take it down in late December when too many nights go below freezing. I've insulated it to help, but I don't want to ruin it. It was easy to take down and restart when the weather warmed.

Tuff Shed

Tuff Shed

A couple of years ago we had to replace our shed. After looking at prices and construction, we chose Tuff Shed. Couldn't be happier with this product. Well constructed with plenty of options. The price while a little higher than those flimsy sheds offered by the big box stores, it was not that much more, especially for what you get. You get a well built shed designed to last.



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